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Search Engine Marketing

Happy Good Friday!

Women in Business, are you ready to learn more on search engine blogging?  Today, I am sharing a lengthy article on search engine blogging that I think will be very beneficial.

All bloggers know that a well-written, entertaining
and focused blog can generate huge volumes of traffic
from visitors. This is one of the basic learnings in
blogging: blogs should be focused and centered on a
topic and other related issues.

Search engine marketing is simply the process of
getting your blog and its content sufficiently high
ranking in several search engines for your keywords.
This would enable your content to generate more
visitors to your site from SERPs or Search Engine
Results Pages. Attention-grabbing content titles and
sites help users to feel compelled to click on your
link in the search engine results pages and eventually
visit you.

Additionally, search engine marketing needs a Web site
that is optimized for search engines. Normally, this
is a Web site that can display a configuration setting
that makes it look interesting to search engine
spiders. In turn, the spiders will visit the site and
look at your content. After doing this, the spiders
then pick up significant keywords, which determine the
characteristic of your page. Lastly, the content
returns to the search engines for the purpose of being

Enhancing Search Engine Marketing

Nowadays, blogs are making tons of small news Web
sites or mini content centers that contain significant
information and links. Compared in the past, search
engines visit major news Web sites since they were the
ones who were the ultimate sources for the newest
content to be found online. Blogs have outpaced
several media outlets online due to their capability
to deliver and publish fresh information to the public

The key in getting noticed more by the search engines
is to publish faster. Since search engines looks for
the freshest, high value and relevant information, it
is important for you to publish frequently. This would
get your blog more visits from major search engines
and others.

Blogs have a natural relationship with search engines.
Since blogs are natural search engine magnets, the
search engine spiders will visit your blog often if
they detect an update from it. In addition, the
content of your blog does not have to wait for months
before getting into search engine result pages but
instead, your content will be displayed in a matter of
hours or days.

It is important to know how much the search engine can
do for your blog. Blogs should be frequently updated
to allow the search engine spider to visit you often,
since they are normally programmed to visit your blog
as often as you publish fresh contents.

Reasons Why Blogs Rank Well in Search Results

Firsly, blogs are designed to meet the demands for
search traffic and search engines. Blogs are also
highy significant in their niches and are considered
as the best sources of the most up-to-date information
online. More so, blogs can be keyword optimized.
Keyword optimization helps blogs achieve high rankings
in search engine results. Additionally, wisely
distributing the keywords evenly on the content can
also help your blog rank easily on search engine

Compared to Web sites, blogs are also text-rich
publishing tools. This only means that the code used
by blogs is light weight. This makes your blog’s
content highly visible to search engines. Search
engine spiders can visit your blog frequently and
crawl over your content faster because of greater
clarity. This clarity provides a vivid interpretation
of what the content of your blog is all about!

Have an Awesome Easter!

Beverly Blankenship

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Internet Marketing Tools

Dear Internet Marketing Business Women,

Have you wished you could afford good helpful information that would propel your internet marketing business?  Well, now you can take advantage of Great Tools for Internet Marketing by clicking on the link below.  I took personal training from Scott Miller who you will see on the website.  I learned invaluable internet marketing info. from Scott and I believe you will too!!  What he taught me is on the CDs that you can purchase for a very low price.

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Keywords Are Important In Growing A Home Based Business!

Hi There,

We recently talked about social bookmarking and today we will talk about using keywords in marketing online.

Keyword research is such a vital aspect to your overall success online that it simply can’t be ignored. You need to be able to find good keywords to target, quickly and easily.
There are many paid options out there for your keyword research. However, the only keyword research tool that I use currently is a completely free tool from the most powerful search engine online, Google. That is right, I use the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool.
The Google Adwords Keyword Tool is arguably the best keyword research tool available.  With their latest update, I can now make this claim.
This tool now gives you actual numbers from Google itself that tells you the volume of searches that are done on a given keyword.  Before this tool would give you a bar with a volume indicator on it,  but now they give you actual numbers.
These numbers can really help you identify good keywords that you should be focusing on for your website.
How To Use This Tool More Effectively:
One simple method for utilizing this tool more effectively is to type in the main keyword of your niche that you are trying to target, and make sure that “Use Synonyms” is checked.  That will bring up potentially hundreds of other keyword combinations that either use that phrase or a similar phrase.
Once you get your results you can find good niche phrases to easily rank for by sorting by the Advertiser Competition.   Look for the keywords that get some search volume,  but have little advertiser competition or no advertiser competition.
Once you find these keywords you can go to Google and search for that phrase in there.  The logic behind this method is that if people aren’t paying for these keywords in Adwords,  then chances are people aren’t trying to optimize for this phrase on their website.
Since there is less competition trying to rank for a phrase there is a better chance you have of getting targeted traffic from that keyword phrase.
Now, I am not saying that you just focus on these niche phrases when you optimize.  You should optimize for the more broad phrases on the main parts of your website, but these longtail phrases are great for writing posts or for getting good search engine rankings for niche phrases.
Don’t get discouraged if a keyword only has 1,000 visitors per month. That is not a bad thing because if you can get 5% of those visitors each month, that is an additional 50 targeted prospects that will see what you offer, and you do the work once to get ranked.
Why Does This Tool Blow The Competition Out of the Water.
Many of you are familiar with WordTracker as a keyword research tool.  I feel that this tool totally blows Wordtracker out of the water because I feel the data is more accurate than WordTracker, and also the amount of keywords that this tool picks up way exceeds WordTracker and their limited resources.
The other reason I like this tool better is the price. It is FREE! You can’t lose with it.
Also, When using this tool and considering the volume they show there, remember that these numbers do not represent data from other search engines like Yahoo or MSN.  So keep in mind that across the board the volume is higher.
In my opinion this is the best way to find great keywords for your articles, blogs, videos and websites out there!

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