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Using Social Bookmarking To Grow Your Home Based Internet Business!

Hi There,

We have talked about the “WHY” of a home based business and now I will share some marketing ideas regarding social bookmarking.  Hope the information will help you bring in alot of prospects.

Social Bookmarking is a very valuable but very underused tool in marketing your home based business online.   Please let me explain what social bookmarking is if you don’t already know.

When you bookmark a book or a magazine it’s so you’ll remember where your place is when you go back and want to read again. Bookmarking on your computer is pretty much the same thing. You find a website that you really like and since you don’t want to forget where it is you bookmark it for your personal use later.

No matter which internet browser you use you have the ability to bookmark your favorite websites.  If you don’t know how to bookmark a page just look at the top of your browser there should be something that says “Bookmark” or “Bookmarks”.  No matter what browser you are using bookmarking is very easy and it’s an awesome tool to have.

SOCIAL Bookmarking is just like regular bookmarking only like the name implies…. It’s not just for you.   Social Bookmarking is a way to get more people to take a look at your websites, blogs, videos, articles, Myspace pages… WHATEVER.

Popular websites like and give you the opportunity to create an account and then bookmark any and all things that you wish to draw more attention to.   When people go to those websites they will now have the opportunity to see your site, a site  they may not have  found, otherwise.

You can have the greatest website for your home based business in the world but if nobody ever sees it then it’s not doing you a whole lot of good now is it?   That’s where Social Bookmarking and other kinds of online marketing come in.   They allow more people to see your websites in a shorter amount of time and that means more prospects for you to talk to and obviously more sign ups.

All Social Bookmarking sites are set up differently so it would be impossible for me to tell you step by step exactly how each of them work.   However the first step is always figuring out which things you’d like to bookmark and that can be just about anything.



Business Myspace Page



Anything that gets people looking at your business!

Once you know what you want to bookmark you’ll want to get a new document open on your computer desktop and start copying and pasting all the URL’s of the things you want to bookmark.   Make sure you copy and paste it right out of your browser and you don’t leave anything out by accident.   Otherwise when people click the link it won’t be the right thing and that does you no good.

After you’ve got your list of things to bookmark you’ll need to go to the different sites and set up accounts.   I recommend going to first simply because it is the biggest and the best.

The final step is to start bookmarking! Like I said each of these websites are different however most of them are user friendly and you should be able to navigate them fairly easily.

Social Bookmarking is a great way to draw more attention to your home based business, so get out there and start bookmarking!

To learn more and get greater help on bookmarking, visit:


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