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Local Marketing Ideas!

Hi Everyone,

We are all looking for ways to promote our businesses in the present economy.  I found this article and wanted to share it!

Actually, my friend Sheri Carpenter wrote it and published it on her site:

Sheri has a lot to offer, so visit her site above!

Fillers? What Exactly Are They?

I do a ton of offline marketing and one of the best ways I have found to market my business is by getting myself into different packages that go out in the form of a filler.
I take time every weekend to pass out Share Packs (formally called business packs) to over 100 residents and businesses in my area. All to often when I reach out to other business and tell them I am looking for fillers for my packs they reply with “What is a filler?” This to me is really surprising. So I am here to explain what a filler is and some different ways to get your fillers seen.
A filler can really be a number of different things. Typically they are business cards with something attached to them. The best way to do this is to get some small cello or organza bags where you can put a sample and business card inside or put the sample inside and attach the card to the outside. All to often when I ask for fillers I get an envelope filled with nothing but business cards. Now while promoting your business card for you is all well and good, typically people don’t have a reason to look at just a business card.
When thinking about putting fillers into bags that people pass out or even just packages that you are sending out you really want someone to look at what you put in that bag right? Well for me, if I get just a bag full of business cards, chances are i am not going to look at them , at least not right away. They will end up in a drawer somewhere or on the desk or counter and then eventually be thrown away because I had no real reason to look at them if I didn’t ask for them. So you really want to put some thought and creativity into your fillers that you send out.
Fillers can be pretty simple and don’t have to cost you a bundle. Typically when someone is looking for fillers they require a minimum of 25. So that isn’t really anything that is going to break your bank. You can use your business card with a sample attached if your company or you offer samples. You can use a business card with a piece of candy attached. There are also a million other things you can attach to them. But no matter what you send out always make sure you have your business card attached to it.
Here are some examples of things to attach to business cards for nice fillers. Most of these you can get at the everything is a dollar store or any dollar store, hobby lobby, walmart or even from other work at home people.
You can attach any of the following:
Pens or Pencils
Nail files
Gift Certificates
Chap Stick or small lip gloss
Small note pads
Tea lights or another small candle
Small toys for their children
Small picture frames
Key Chains
And there are so many more options if you just look in different stores for little trinkets. You can also make them holiday themed and such. What ever you do make sure that what you are attaching is either a neutral item that can go with anything or something that can relate to your business.
Having different things attached to your business card makes all the difference. It gives people a reason to look at your card. I mean think about it if you have a soap business and you attach a small chunk of soap or a packet or container of liquid soap, they really might like it and look to call you to order more.
So that is basically it. That is what fillers are. The more creative you get the more your fillers will stand out. Now where can you send them you might ask? Well there are many different places you just have to know where to look. My favorite place to send mine to is The Sample Shoppe. They require a minimum of 25 and you must have a sample with your card to submit to them. And I also take them and put them in my packs I pass out on the weekends and in every package I mail out. You can email me to find out how to send to me.
I hope this has helped to fill some people in and give you some ideas. Don’t forget to stop by and check out how you can get into our printed newsletter that goes out every weekend too!!
Visit my site for a free ebook on social media.
Have a good day,
Beverly Blankenship

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