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Why International Women’s Day…Festa Della Donna!

Hello Business Ladies,

I wrote this article on May 27, 2008 and thought it would be great to share it again today to celebrate International Women’s Day 2014!

As legend has it, Festa della Donna was a Spring Celebration in ancient Times. It celebrated the independence of women from unjust labor and oppression. From the ancient times until now, how could women of that day ever have imagined having an “Internet Based Business” as many of us do!

Authorities don’t agree how or why, but the custom started in Italy-some say in Rome.

From these ancient celebrations, International Women’s Day has evolved and taken different forms and meanings over the years. It has always been strongly associated with women’s struggles, both tragic and victorious, and women’s rights.

Where would we be today if these women of the past had not pursued the course! We can earn better wages by having a job or even having a home based business.

An event that was both tragic and victorious, the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of 1911 in New York City, NY. in which mostly Italian and Jewish women workers perished in a burning building whose exits were locked to prevent labor organizing is often commemorated in Italy. This tragedy led to progressive new labor laws as well as establishing a spring celebration for women.

In Italy, one of March’s first flowers, the sunny mimosa, symbolizes the promise of spring after the darkness of winter. On March 8, Festa della Donna is celebrated with women giving women a bouquet of mimosa. This event celebrated around the world has become an opportunity to raise money for charitable organizations. Festa della Donna is sponsored by women for women.

This year, our women’s ministry, had the opportunity to serve at the Festa della Donna in the central California area. I was just over whelmed at the beauty of the tables that were decorated by women leaders for their sisters in the community. These tables were decorated in different themes where lunch was served. The settings ranged from spring gardens to fairy land, just breath taking. It was a day of giving and serving, woman to woman. The monetary benefits were given to the Salvation Army and a Local charity.

Being able to serve with time and money is one of my passions and the reason I am building a home based Internet business
Have a wonderful evening,
Beverly Blankenship

Mimosa Blossom                         Internet Based Business

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