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Job Fairs Can Help Get New Business Associates!

job 1Hi Everyone,

Just Recently I was invited by the chamber in my city to be a vendor at the Job Fair that was sponsored by the Employment Department .  My associate and I talked with over 100 applicants and signed up 14 people who wanted to join our business!

If you are wanting to expand your business as a work from home woman, I would suggest doing a search online for job fairs, craft fairs, health fairs, business seminars or any type of activity where people will be gathering.  Many of these events are free or cost very little.  Take flyers, business cards, raffle gift, and any other marketing item that will expose your business to hand out.  You can even do surveys regarding your service or product to get names, emails, and phone numbers for leads.

During the spring and summer months many churches and organizations have fairs that you can attend as vendors.  Sometimes it is fellow vendors that you may do the most business with!

For a free list of marketing ideas, fill out the contact form and I will email you the list.

Have a great time building your home based business,





Guy needs a job


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Strategies Of Internet Marketing

business-lady-talking-on-phone-10076894Hello to Women In Business,

This post will be on Strategies of Internet Marketing!

Strategies of Internet Marketing require some important approaches that you should do right away!

One of the first things to do is to capitalize on universal search.  In reference to universal search that is Google’s latest method of displaying results.  Beyond web hits you will get images, video, and possibly current event stories all on one page.  It is wise for you to utilize these elements in the strategies of internet marketing that you currently do.  It will be important for you to make videos and create images (maybe get free clipart) that is relevant to keywords you are using.  There are current event sites along with others that accept press releases that you will need to do for your business.  Doing press releases will help you obtain more from your Search Engine Optimization methods.

The videos that you make need to be put on YouTube because Google owns YouTube.  It doesn’t take long for a good quality video to go viral and this is great for your business opportunity!

If you are truly interested in building an internet business you will want to learn from some of the successful earners.  Click here for FREE training.

Visit this site and click on Products for learning more about video marketing.



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How Successful Do You Want To Be Increasing Your Business Income Living In Sacramento?

Hello Fellow Business Women,

I certainly hope Spring is getting off to a very successful beginning for you!

Are you using efficient systems and tools to capitalize in your market?

How successful do you want to be increasing your income living in Sacramento or anywhere in the world!  Are you tired of struggling to get business leads, members, or a good email list?

What if you made contacts daily with prospects but did not have a system that would turn those prospects into members or business partners?  For years I have been in this “boat” trying to find a legitimate system without spending a fortune.

In my network marketing business I met another associate that introduced me to the system he uses and I was very impressed!  I know the struggles that my fellow women business owners have and I felt that I needed to share this information!  Having the ability to utilize capture pages, autoresponders, video postcards, etc. under $30.00 a  month is so awesome.  But the best thing………the system works!

Click here and see the network marketing system that I am using to increase my income.

I hope this information will be very helpful in creating greater success for you!video postcard


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Thirteen Winning Traits Of Super Sales People

Thirteen Winning Traits Of Super Sales People

I firmly believe that regardless of your “field position” in life and your career now, you can win from where you stand. Begin today putting into practice these thirteen winning traits of super salespeople.

1. Be and stay committed to goals. Know what you want to achieve. Be totally committed to that goal. View defeat as a temporary thing.

2. Be and stay self-disciplined. Self-discipline is developed when you stop doing what you know you should not do and start doing what you know you should – whether you like it or not. It is forming the habit of doing the right things right. It is having always a sense of urgency.

3. Be and stay knowledgeable. Continually accumulate usable information. It gives you a competitive edge. Have the facts and figures ready before plunging into an interview. Do your homework. Question people who know. Be the best-informed salesperson your prospects ever meet. You’ll earn their respect and gain their business.

4. Be and stay a relationship builder. Build the trust level in all you do. Earn the reputation of being 100 percent reliable.

5. Be and stay self-confident. Do this by feeding your mind regularly just as you feed your body. Confidence is not the absence of fear, it is the conquest of fear. Do the thing you’re afraid of and you’ll develop the confident, winning feeling.

6. Be and stay enthusiastic. Generate an excitement about what you are selling. It will overcome many shortcomings.

7. Be and stay an assistant buyer. Prospects are best convinced by reasons they themselves discover. Once you establish trust, then you can assist the buyer in recognizing a need and acting upon the solution. Prospects are interested in discussing their business with you only when you indicate by your questions that you intend to show how your proposal will benefit them.

8. Be and stay perceptive. Form the habit of paying attention. Deliberately train your eyes to see and your ears to hear.

9. Be and stay a skillful communicator. You sell with words and expressions and stories. Study all three carefully. You must gain the prospect’s understanding and understanding depends on what you say and how you say it.

10. Be and stay a perfectionist. Demand excellence of yourself. It attracts and builds credibility. Don’t tolerate mediocrity. There’s no room for compromise among professionals.

11. Be and stay physically fitwomen-in-internet-business 3. This develops the capacity to work hard and long. Be a self-starter who displays a high continuing level of drive.

12. Be and stay financially sound. Personal budget-keeping is back in style. Get a good handle on your living and business expenses along with your anticipated earnings.

13. Be and stay persistent. Always bounce back. In selling, failure means very little if success comes eventually. Resolve to perform what you should; perform without fail that which you resolve. Get up when you fall down. If you get into the game – stay in!

Let’s stay in the Green in 2014!

Please click and leave a comment.

Have a great future starting today!


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Why International Women’s Day…Festa Della Donna!

Hello Business Ladies,

I wrote this article on May 27, 2008 and thought it would be great to share it again today to celebrate International Women’s Day 2014!

As legend has it, Festa della Donna was a Spring Celebration in ancient Times. It celebrated the independence of women from unjust labor and oppression. From the ancient times until now, how could women of that day ever have imagined having an “Internet Based Business” as many of us do!

Authorities don’t agree how or why, but the custom started in Italy-some say in Rome.

From these ancient celebrations, International Women’s Day has evolved and taken different forms and meanings over the years. It has always been strongly associated with women’s struggles, both tragic and victorious, and women’s rights.

Where would we be today if these women of the past had not pursued the course! We can earn better wages by having a job or even having a home based business.

An event that was both tragic and victorious, the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of 1911 in New York City, NY. in which mostly Italian and Jewish women workers perished in a burning building whose exits were locked to prevent labor organizing is often commemorated in Italy. This tragedy led to progressive new labor laws as well as establishing a spring celebration for women.

In Italy, one of March’s first flowers, the sunny mimosa, symbolizes the promise of spring after the darkness of winter. On March 8, Festa della Donna is celebrated with women giving women a bouquet of mimosa. This event celebrated around the world has become an opportunity to raise money for charitable organizations. Festa della Donna is sponsored by women for women.

This year, our women’s ministry, had the opportunity to serve at the Festa della Donna in the central California area. I was just over whelmed at the beauty of the tables that were decorated by women leaders for their sisters in the community. These tables were decorated in different themes where lunch was served. The settings ranged from spring gardens to fairy land, just breath taking. It was a day of giving and serving, woman to woman. The monetary benefits were given to the Salvation Army and a Local charity.

Being able to serve with time and money is one of my passions and the reason I am building a home based Internet business
Have a wonderful evening,
Beverly Blankenship

Mimosa Blossom                         Internet Based Business

women-in-internet-business 3

Mimosa blossom

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What Is Content Curation?

Hello Business Ladies!

Today I want to share information on Content Curation.

We all are looking for ways to build our online/off line businesses.  There is no end to the helpful information out there….we have to find it.

Content Curation is a way of discovering, gathering, and presenting digital content that surrounds specific subject information.  It is still considered a “buzz word” by many in the content world, content curation is a marketing staple for many

Content Curator

Content Curator

companies with a successful online presence.

Content sharing may get you  followers faster. By sharing the content of a competitor or another expert and giving them credit, you will pick up followers from those that follow them.

Curating content can help any small business or organization that is working to come up with subject information to write in email marketing newsletters or post on social media. You can start curating content in less than a minute………  Here’s how:

1.Go to and click “News”

2. Type in the name of your industry, organization or something related to your industry in the search bar and start curating.

3. Use the links for inspiration or link to the stories you find. Bottom line: put your own thoughts on them!

Using trendy news articles as a base for your own content, or just linking to them with your opinion, can help engage your clients on any social media platform.

Visit this page for more great information on curating.

Will this make blog posting, ad writing, etc. easier for you to promote your business?

Get your free ebook on marketing here!

Have fun curating!


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Why Are Hashtags Important In Your Posts?

Hello to any or all the ladies in business!

My post is regarding why hashtags are necessary  in your #internetmarketing.

There was a time once the employment of hashtags were a decent thanks to  direct folks to your journal posts.

Net promoting has modified and currently it’s necessary if you wish your post to be discovered that you simply use hashtags.

You should use one hashtag in every post. The role for hashtags in social search is that it’s the same as what keywords play in search promoting. Simply keep in mind that the over use of hashtags and keywords isn’t sensible for net promoting.

The purpose of hashtags is to assist folks in noticing you. Therefore don’t attempt to be cute in exploitation of long and hard ones. That kind of use can most likely waste someone’s time and you’ll lose a possible customer.

Most major social media platforms support hashtags. These include: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Google+, Tumblr, and Pinterest. For larger detail on the way to utilize each one of those platforms click here.

I have enjoyed sharing this data with you and learned quite a  bit as a result of my analysis on hashtags!

Until next post,

Beverly Blankenship

Business woman working from home via internet marketing

Business woman working from home via internet marketing

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