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How Successful Do You Want To Be Increasing Your Business Income Living In Sacramento?

Hello Fellow Business Women,

I certainly hope Spring is getting off to a very successful beginning for you!

Are you using efficient systems and tools to capitalize in your market?

How successful do you want to be increasing your income living in Sacramento or anywhere in the world!  Are you tired of struggling to get business leads, members, or a good email list?

What if you made contacts daily with prospects but did not have a system that would turn those prospects into members or business partners?  For years I have been in this “boat” trying to find a legitimate system without spending a fortune.

In my network marketing business I met another associate that introduced me to the system he uses and I was very impressed!  I know the struggles that my fellow women business owners have and I felt that I needed to share this information!  Having the ability to utilize capture pages, autoresponders, video postcards, etc. under $30.00 a  month is so awesome.  But the best thing………the system works!

Click here and see the network marketing system that I am using to increase my income.

I hope this information will be very helpful in creating greater success for you!video postcard



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Thirteen Winning Traits Of Super Sales People

Thirteen Winning Traits Of Super Sales People

I firmly believe that regardless of your “field position” in life and your career now, you can win from where you stand. Begin today putting into practice these thirteen winning traits of super salespeople.

1. Be and stay committed to goals. Know what you want to achieve. Be totally committed to that goal. View defeat as a temporary thing.

2. Be and stay self-disciplined. Self-discipline is developed when you stop doing what you know you should not do and start doing what you know you should – whether you like it or not. It is forming the habit of doing the right things right. It is having always a sense of urgency.

3. Be and stay knowledgeable. Continually accumulate usable information. It gives you a competitive edge. Have the facts and figures ready before plunging into an interview. Do your homework. Question people who know. Be the best-informed salesperson your prospects ever meet. You’ll earn their respect and gain their business.

4. Be and stay a relationship builder. Build the trust level in all you do. Earn the reputation of being 100 percent reliable.

5. Be and stay self-confident. Do this by feeding your mind regularly just as you feed your body. Confidence is not the absence of fear, it is the conquest of fear. Do the thing you’re afraid of and you’ll develop the confident, winning feeling.

6. Be and stay enthusiastic. Generate an excitement about what you are selling. It will overcome many shortcomings.

7. Be and stay an assistant buyer. Prospects are best convinced by reasons they themselves discover. Once you establish trust, then you can assist the buyer in recognizing a need and acting upon the solution. Prospects are interested in discussing their business with you only when you indicate by your questions that you intend to show how your proposal will benefit them.

8. Be and stay perceptive. Form the habit of paying attention. Deliberately train your eyes to see and your ears to hear.

9. Be and stay a skillful communicator. You sell with words and expressions and stories. Study all three carefully. You must gain the prospect’s understanding and understanding depends on what you say and how you say it.

10. Be and stay a perfectionist. Demand excellence of yourself. It attracts and builds credibility. Don’t tolerate mediocrity. There’s no room for compromise among professionals.

11. Be and stay physically fitwomen-in-internet-business 3. This develops the capacity to work hard and long. Be a self-starter who displays a high continuing level of drive.

12. Be and stay financially sound. Personal budget-keeping is back in style. Get a good handle on your living and business expenses along with your anticipated earnings.

13. Be and stay persistent. Always bounce back. In selling, failure means very little if success comes eventually. Resolve to perform what you should; perform without fail that which you resolve. Get up when you fall down. If you get into the game – stay in!

Let’s stay in the Green in 2014!

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Have a great future starting today!


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Three Steps For Success……

Hello Business Women,

Steps for Success is something that I thought we could all glean from as we near August working our home based business!  Recently, Jim Bellacera, founder of Successful Thinkers gave a presentation on 9 Steps of Success and I have chosen 3 of those for this post!


What is going to motivate you to get up in the morning?  What is going to help you overcome your obstacles?  What is going to keep you in the game when you feel like quitting?  YOU MUST KNOW YOUR WHY!  Be a student, stay true to your goals, be the best you can be and grow your business.

If you are not growing, you will be left behind.  You need to be current in all that you do.  All leaders are in a constant state of personally developing to improve their communication skills, their leadership skills and their speaking skills.


When you’re down, be positive.  When you’re up, be positive.  When you’re not sure what you should do, be positive.  You want to change your life – go lift someone else’s life up and yours will be lifted too.   ALWAYS  EDIFY – be the person that people say “I like that person”.  That doesn’t happen by accident – people notice those who notice them so be that person that notices others.

I really hope this information will be an encouragement to each of you along with helping you gain success during this busy summer!

Beverly Blankenship



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